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Those of you who know me personally may chuckle at my attempt to write an upbeat holiday greeting. Because, as a sun dependent warm weather type, I’ve always found it hard to muster up Yuletide cheer while simultaneously fighting the onset of seasonal affective disorder. That said, this year I’ve vowed to take a closer look at the expectations of the season and respond in a way that makes sense during these very difficult times.

Much has been written about the direct correlation between gratitude and happiness. Count your blessings and not your burdens, they say, to experience heightened well being. We can easily do that at CM Communications, as we take stock of 2008 with much to be thankful for and many people to thank.

We’ll start with our landlord and her staff for finding us this perfect new office space and making our move trouble free. Thanks to our clients for the opportunity to work together to fight this economic downturn by staying the course with smart marketing strategies and tactics. Thanks to our suppliers – the photographers, printers, couriers and all those behind the scenes – who enable us to continually deliver first-rate client service and materials, often in the face of impossible deadlines. And, last but not least, I am grateful to my team for their loyalty, commitment, unwavering work ethic and indomitable spirit. Together, we share a lot of laughs and will continue to do so, as we look forward to what the coming year will bring.

Happy Holidays,

Great Winter Escapes
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December 8 , 2008