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I participated in a panel of business consultants at the Small Business Expo at the Hynes Convention Center last week.  I was given five minutes to tell small business owners what they need to know about marketing.  Quite a feat.  But with attention spans being what they are these days, it was good practice for my next pitch and a perfect topic for news + views.  Here's how it went:
Budget.   Make sure you put aside funds for marketing in the early planning phases. Over the course of my career, I've been shocked by the number of entrepreneurs I've met who have raised funds for bricks and mortar, supplies and personnel - essentially for just about everything but getting the word out about their product or service.
Plan. Hire a consultant with knowledge of all marketing disciplines - a marketing agnostic who is not partial toward PR, social media or advertising.  People do what they do, and it's smart to take the advice of someone who can objectively recommend the most cost effective combination of marketing tools for your business.
Target.   Know your customer. Figure out whom you want to reach and the best ways to reach them.
Execute .  If you don't have the time or knowledgeable staff to execute your marketing campaign in-house, then hire an agency. It's well worth the investment to add experienced and motivated marketing professionals to your team. 
Integrate .  Make sure that your brand message is consistent in all channels and the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.  Your web and social content should reinforce what you say in your press releases and advertising.  Continuity, synchronicity and repetition are critical to the success of your marketing effort.
Measure.   Be sure to carefully monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.  If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, then consult analytics on a regular basis to see where people are coming from.  Based on what you learn, redirect your efforts, if necessary.  Through trial and error, you can fine tune your strategy until you get it right. 
Relax . Last, but not least, be patient.  Rome was not built in a day. It takes time for most marketing campaigns to build momentum and generate the exposure necessary to capture the attention of today's consumer. 
That's it in a nut shell. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to extrapolate on this topic! 

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